Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver

Course Description

This course is for people who want to learn how to build, edit and update websites using Dreamweaver, the leading industry-standard web authoring software. From planning the layout through to uploading the files, all the essential steps in an efficient comprehensive workflow will be covered. But if you are completely new to web development, it is strongly recommended that you attend the HTML course, which includes information relating to the underlying code of web sites and website principles.


What You Will Learn

During Dreamweaver course, the following topics are covered: Website Basics

  • Understanding the Web
  • A Brief look at Web Standards
  • Understanding HTML & CSS
  • Structuring a Website’s Files
  • Planning a Website Design
  • Getting Set Up

Introduction to the Workspace

  • Configuring Panels & Layout
  • Site Structure Definitions
  • Managing and Previewing Sites
  • Creating Web Pages

Using the Files & Assets Panels

  • Creating New Documents
  • Document Preferences
  • Dreamweaver Starter Pages
  • Marking Up Text Content

Working with text content

  • Using the appropriate content tags
  • Headings & Sub Headings
  • Building Lists
  • Creating Links
  • HTML Character Encoding
  • Importing Content Quickly
  • Working with Tabulated Data
  • Working with Images

Overview of Web Image Formats

  • Integration with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Fireworks
  • Importing Images
  • Image Properties
  • Editing Smart Objects
  • Making Images Accessible
  • Styling with CSS

CSS Rule Types (type, class, id)

  • Style Panel & Property Inspector
  • Navigating the CSS Panel
  • Internal & External Stylesheets
  • Descendant Selectors
  • Typography with CSS
  • Styling Web Links
  • Applying Background Images
  • Page Layout with CSS

Structural DIV tags

  • The CSS Box Model
  • Floating & Clearing
  • Positioning through CSS
  • Building Templates

Creating Page Templates

  • Optional Regions
  • Repeating Regions
  • Editable Attributes
  • Building New Pages
  • Working with forms

Creating Form Components

  • Form Focus Selector
  • Dreamweaver’s Form validation
  • Inserting Media

Inserting Adobe Flash Content

  • Hosted Video Content
  • Including content such as Google Maps & Twitter feeds
  • Site maintenance

Cross Browser Testing

  • Using browser compatibility check
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • Uploading the site
  • Viewing local & remote sites