Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash can be used to create simple web banners, interactive projects, e learning material and entire websites. Adobe Flash is a professional rich media design tool used to produce animation, advertisements, and various other web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and to develop rich Internet applications. The Adobe Flash software is designed to work closely with other Adobe Creative Suite packages such as Illustrator and PhotoShop to allow you to quickly and easily import and manipulate animations and graphics. This course introduces how to create Flash projects ranging from simple banner animations through to complete Flash based website interfaces. It starts with the basics of the Flash interface and tools and steadily moves on to the more complex features such as masking and blending and managing tweened animation.

What You Will Learn

During Flash course, the following topics are covered: The Flash Interface

  • Setting Default Workspaces
  • Working with Panels
  • Flash Preferences
  • Flash file types
  • Getting Help within Flash
  • Document Properties

Drawing and Colour

  • The Selection Tool
  • Drawing & Painting Tools
  • The Shape Tools
  • The Deco Tool
  • The Symmetry Brush
  • Transforming Gradients
  • Custom Color Palettes / Swatches
  • Align Panel
  • Using Ruler
  • Working with Layers
  • Layer Masking

Symbols and Instances

  • Creating Symbols
  • Organizing the Library
  • Graphic & MovieClip Symbols
  • Button Symbols

Motion Tweening

  • Shape & Classic Tweens
  • Motion Tweens
  • Object Based Animation
  • Working with Motion Paths
  • The Motion Editor
  • Animation Easing
  • Motion Presets

Working with Bitmaps

  • Importing Images
  • Importing and editing sequences
  • Tracing Bitmap Images
  • Compressing Bitmaps

Inverse Kinetics

  • The Bone Tool
  • Creating & Animating Bones
  • The Bind Tool
  • Author and Runtime Kinetics

Filters & Blend Modes

  • Applying Blends
  • Applying Filters
  • Saving Preset Filters
  • Animating Filters

Using Text in Flash

  • Static, Dynamic & Input text
  • Text Anti-aliasing
  • Accessibility

Button Symbols

  • Creating Buttons
  • Up, Over, Down & Hit states
  • Using Invisible Buttons
  • Creating Animated Buttons

Working with Scenes

  • Adding Scenes
  • Navigating scenes

ActionScript Basics

  • ActionScript 2 vs ActionScript 3
  • The Actions Panel
  • Stopping the Playhead
  • Creating a Link
  • Controlling the playhead

Video and Audio

  • Flash Media Encoder
  • Creating custom video players
  • Adding Sound Effects

Publishing Flash

  • Publish Settings
  • Publishing Flash for the Web
  • Importing Flash in Dreamweaver
  • Publishing Flash for CD / DVD
  • Publishing Flash for video