Education Management

Course aim:

This education management course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key business management subjects.

Topics covered:

Education Management Corporation This course covers define how you present yourself  to the company was founded in 1962 and was expected to be delisted from the NASDAQ in November .EDMC and its subsidiary , the Art Institutes , received of the frontline documentary , educating sergeat pantzke , a retired Iraq war veteran discussed the lack of disability service at the school. Foundation and early history This course describes and explains various  need  of incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1962       and acquired its first educational institution in 1969 with purchase of the nearly 50- year old In October 1996 the Edmc conducted a 45 million initial public offering . Expansion in the 2000s This course covers topics related the purchaed Chicago -based Argosy Education Group ,   the operator of Argosy university campuses , for $ 78 million .The acquistion allowed EDMC to offer programs in law , education and business . Recent History Students will enhance in specialising the decreased in enrolled , couple with pending   changes to the  US Department of education ” gainful emplyment ” rule , prompted EDMC to hold off expansion plans in 2012 , led to several round of layoff s. Only one new school opening has been announced in the 2013 fiscal year. Corporate affairs EDMCs Head quaters are located in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania.Since July 2012 , the company s chairman is Todd Nelson and its chief exective is Edward West .Former EDMC chief exective officer John R.Mc kernan Jr is a member of its 11 member borad of directors. Other borad members include representatives.

Course outcome:

After completion of this course, student will be able to This course will teach you how large-scale organizations are managed education management   .You will be more aware business management.