Public Relations

Course Aim:

This public relation course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices behind key business management subjects.

Topics Covered:

Audience Targeting

This course covers defining about relationship between organization and their public environment in business management.

Social media marketing

This course describes and explains various aspects of public relation with social media in business management. This is extremely useful for anyone interested in a career or is working in the field of public relation.

Politics and civil society

This course covers topics related to politicians also employ public relations such professionals to help project their view ,policies and even personalities to their best advantages. This is extremely useful for anyone interested in a career in public relation.

Who can work as a PR

A PR specialist is usually required to have a relevant type and level of education type and level of education such as Bachelor degree in communication .PR specialist need to establish a control over the situation and protect the clients’ good reputation

Public relation tools and techniques

Students will enhance in specializing and firms by using a number of tools and                                     relationship with the target audience. To achieve that, they use tools such as news release and statements for media, newsletter, organization and participation at public events.